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When your brand builds a clear narrative and fine-tunes messaging, it clears the way for reaching both your customers and other decision makers

Identifying the long-form narrative that your brand wants to convey, along with a brief message that is unified and concise, is key to your success. 

Fortunately, access to data and artificial intelligence tools now helps us to draw insights from massive quantities of data. 

When building your brand narrative, investigate the trends and topics that are being discussed surrounding your key terms, and build media and influencer lists based on the publications and authors that are getting lots of amplification and are most likely to write about your brand’s story.

AirPR Research Trendsᵀᴹ allows users to search content in real-time and discover:

  • Article frequency trends
  • Social amplification trends
  • How many articles on a topic mention you vs. your competitors
  • What terms are co-mentioned with that topic
  • Which publications are discussing that topic
  • Which authors are writing about that topic

All of the data can be sorted by most recent content or trending content to identify new trends and constantly evolve your brand narrative.

To see AirPR’s Research Trendsᵀᴹ in action, request a demo of AirPR today.