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Not having an accurate PR Attribution model is like hitting a homerun, stopping on first base, and calling in another player to run the rest of the bases with fans erupting in the background as they cross home plate.

We don’t think that’s fair…so we did something about it.

Did you know that traditional and competing PR analytics and measurement solutions only give 5% of the appropriate attribution? This means you’re missing up to 95% of your data, and do not have an accurate picture of how much impact your activities have on your business.

These are your results! You generated them, you should be able to show them!

That’s why we’ve created the world’s first PR attribution technology to help our customers understand the performance of earned, owned, and newswire media through impact on bottom-line metrics specific to your business.

  • We created the industry’s first integration with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  • Our metrics include: website traffic, website engagement, key message insights, social amplification and competitive analysis.
  • Our customers use AirPR to show that PR is not just a top of the funnel contributor.
  • We provide visibility into the influence that PR has along every touch-point in your customer’s journey to see which content drives brand awareness and customers.

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