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Metromile Content Marketing Strategy Drives Measurable Sales

Producing quality content can be a challenge, but, even when you create that content, how do
you know how impactful it actually is and whether it makes a difference for your brand?

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Targeted media outreach drives 175% increase in potential Kiva Lenders

AirPR Analyst goes far beyond the current capabilities of media monitoring platforms! With the ability to filter out other channels, like email marketing and social promotions, AirPR Analyst empowers our team to identify how earned media contributes at each level and step in the Kiva.org new lender conversion funnel.

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MobileIron cuts reporting time from days to minutes

AirPR Analyst provides much needed answers to the question, ‘how are we doing with media?’” With AirPR Analyst, our global teams are able to quickly and effectively gain historical and predictive insights from our international media coverage and apply that knowledge to the continual improvement of our communications and brand strategy.

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Sailthru Proves The ROI Of Their PR

Account management at AirPR has been tremendous. We are supported, guided and challenged every week. We have many technology partners where our accounts are managed by professionals that do not have experience in the field. With AirPR, we’re able to tap into their team’s experience in content marketing, social media and digital marketing to find new ways to improve our programming.

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Survios Increases Search Volume by 29%

AirPR Analyst gives us more information about the message points and terms that are truly resonating with our key audiences allowing us to better focus our storytelling. We’re now able to create more informed PR strategies that lead to more successful PR results- leading to best selling launches we’ve ever had!

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