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How to Write a Press Release (That Doesn’t Get Deleted)

Press Release

The press release has always been a go to staple in the PR pantry. It’s an ingredient nearly every PR pro busts out when they are looking to cook up something great. But if press releases are such key ingredients in PR’s recipe for success, why are so many PR pros continually let down by […]

PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin

In PR, we like to draw comparisons. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. Whaaaat you may […]

Tapping The True Power Of Analyst Relations

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with ESG Senior Analyst Nik Rouda about big data and analytics trends. Nik is one of the most innovative people I know working to solve problems involving data and business intelligence, so I enjoyed hearing his insights about how to make more effective […]

The PR Optimization Pie

Ever have one of those late afternoons where you stop to take a breath and realize your desk has become a complete disaster area in the past week? Yeah, that was me last Friday around 5:50pm. Since most everyone else had left for the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet […]

Have a cow, no seriously…

One of my favorite go-to phrases in PR consultant-land was always: “You can’t put lipstick on a pig.” Translation: “Hey, listen buddy, if you have a crappy product, a less than stellar website, and missed the market trend by more than two years, ain’t no press in the world gonna save you now.” And yes, […]

PR TIP: Don’t be a loser at SXSW 2013

Ahhh, SXSW. That time of year when every startup under the sun flees to the quaint, country-loving town of Austin, Texas only to have their big launch plans hijacked by the likes of Amex and Pepsi. And this year, possibly Uber and Airbnb too.

But have no fear, despite its recent saturation and seemingly oversubscribed experience, SXSW offers many unique opportunities for those willing to plan ahead, take things with a gigantic grain of salt (with a side of BBQ), and ultimately enjoy the company of others who have figured out how to maximize their ROI: Return on Interactive.

SXSW meeting calendar
An insider’s look at a perfectly organized schedule for AirPR execs at SXSW soon to be ruined by reality.

From one recently reformed SXSW-avoidant professional to another, here are the dos and don’ts for ensuring that [during your reflective flight home] you don’t feel like you’ve completely wasted your time, money, energy, or worse…lost your sanity.

#1 DO

Do make sure you attend at least 2 panels or keynote events a day. This will give you plenty of content to talk about later when you’re trying to awkwardly network with a bunch of drunk people at an after party. It will also give you plenty of stuff to Tweet about and post to your Facebook wall so that you appear to be #intheknow.

#2 DON’T

Don’t try to stack meetings with potentially important individuals between 8am and 11am because you likely won’t make it. Be kind to yourself and accept this reality. We know you are trying to impress the boss, but simply don’t do it. You will fail, which is worse than not scheduling a meeting in the first place. BONUS: Sunday, March 10, 2013 is conveniently Daylight Savings, so you better push those meetings back to noon.

#3 DO

Do RSVP to every party that looks halfway decent so you have plenty of party-hopping choices and can also pull the “Where’s Waldo” stunt for people you are trying to avoid. This tip is really geared more towards investors and other folks with money who end up being inundated with requests from startup founders. Journalists also fall into this category. Continue reading…