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The Truth About Earned and Owned Media Attribution

Earned and Owned Media Attribution

Understanding the facts about media attribution & the ROI of Growth PR Many PR software companies claim to be able to measure the impact of Earned Media. Unfortunately, understanding what technologies can truly measure the ROI of your efforts can be confusing. Some companies that claim to have PR attribution only measure press releases and […]

Demystifying PR ROI

Demystifying PR ROI

MarTech forever changed the way that marketers work, what they report as success and how they do their jobs. PR professionals and communicators, however, have not, as a whole, significantly changed how they measure their success. CMOs and CEOs are starting to ask: Why can’t PR be measured and attributed the way that marketing efforts […]

3 Keys to the Virtuous PR Cycle

When it comes to PRTech, there are two key components to achieving success in this new world order: Technological investment and human capital. The problems tend to arise when PR loses sight of the human component and only focuses on the shiny, new tools in the PRTech ecosystem. Technological innovation is powerful, but all the […]

The PR Measurement Challenge

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Imagine trying to invent a light bulb with a match. Or cure malaria with a rampant mosquito. The “problem” with PR has always been, and will always be, understanding how on earth the investments made in it […]

PR’s Past, Present and Future as told by Sally Falkow

When it comes to PR prowess and expertise, there are not many individuals who possess both in droves like Sally Falkow. As president of PRESSfeed and one of the industry’s leading minds on new technology and digital PR, Ms. Falkow brings over 30 years of PR experience to the table. Sal (as she often signs […]

Porter Gale talks Virgin America, Networks, Marketing, and PR

I have often thought, as I stand in line head directly to the Virgin Terminal at SFO: “Life would be perfect if everything felt like Virgin America.”

This is not a joke. These words have actually crossed my mind.

I’m not sure if this means I travel too much, not enough (#firstworldfantasies), or simply appreciate the fact that I feel cooler and safer and VIP-er when I fly this airline. Whatever they have managed to do to my brain I know they’ve done to countless others…because this is a regular topic of conversation at elitist startup-tech-entrepreneur-influencer-social-innovation type gatherings.

In fact, I’ve overheard folks drop this line as they talk about their impending travel plans to God knows where (definitely somewhere cool, where I’m probably not invited, and likely bordering the town of Douchebaggeria or Getoverurselfistan).


“Yeah, I’m just gonna jump on the first Virgin flight tomorrow morning – it’s kinda a last minute trip. Should be pretty dope.”

Not just a flight. A Virgin flight.

I know. Scary. But this has happened on multiple occasions.

Naturally, when I found out that Porter Gale – not only the author of the popular Your Network is Your Net Worth but also the former VP of Marketing for Virgin America – was joining AirPR as an advisor I was elated.

Forget status. Forget in-flight wifi. Forget those purple lights that make me feel like I’m en route to a Paris nightclub. And forget the uber-model staff.

What I want to know is…how did this marketing genius manage to make me want the entire world to operate Like a Virgin?

But I digress…

How did you “fall” into marketing? 

As an undergrad at Boston University, I studied business with a concentration in Marketing. After graduating in the late ‘80s, a recession was in full swing. I went on interview after interview after interview. Finally, after many months I landed an internship at an advertising agency, called Martin/Williams, in Minneapolis. Some of my first tasks included stuffing direct mail envelopes and proof reading ad copy for the Marvin Windows account team. It wasn’t a glamorous start, but it was a foot in the door.

As Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America, what were some of the challenges you experienced with PR?

During my time at Virgin America, corporate communications and public relations was managed by a top-notch executive named Abby Lunardini. Hands down, she is the best public relations person I’ve worked with. As a result, I would describe the group as uncovering numerous opportunities not challenges. Abby and her team were very skilled at leveraging events, partnerships and relationships with digital influencers to generate buzz. The team was so strong, that one constant challenge was to not over-extend and to keep the team focused on key priorities. Continue reading…