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Words words everywhere words

If you think about it from an extremely fundamental standpoint, words are likely considered the cornerstone of PR.

How one positions them against each other, strings them together, decides how to use or not use them: all are important aspects of PR. What’s more, as cultures evolve, languages evolve too…so knowing which words to use in specific circumstances and across certain “mediums” is also part of the job.

iStock_000026872564SmallSo today, and mostly for fun (who needs a boring, droning blog post anyway?), I bring you: Word play by the numbers.

#1 – Did you know, according to many many many sources, Oxford Dictionary has released their Word of the Year. Beating out “Bae” (slang for one’s beloved, or short for “baby”) and “Normcore” (unisex clothing), the word “Vape” took this year’s crown.

Last year’s winning word was “Selfie.”

I suppose if you’re looking at the OD’s WOTY as a proxy for cultural trends, we’ve gone from self-obsessed to addiction curbing. I’d take the latter any day, as this is a vast improvement. Not great, but better.

#2 – Speaking of self-obsessed, Dictionary.com’s WOTY was released fresh on the heels of the “Vape” bomb. They chose “Exposure.” Ironically, the online dictionary seems to be a year behind the trend as the word “Exposure” would seem to align more with “Selfie.”

Or perhaps I’m thinking too critically about the whole ridiculous thing.

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Nadella-gate: Men vs. Women? Allies Win The War

Shaking things up from time to time is always a good idea. To keep it fresh and funky, I’d like to kindly request your thoughts regarding this piece on my LinkedIn blog exploring the root of gender disparity in the workplace. In light of Microsoft’s massive #PRFail at the Grace Hopper conference this past week, I am seeking to further the […]

7 Ways to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

I’m not sure I need a mental health professional to validate my feelings about technology’s evil downside, but it’s good to know that most of us are on the same page about one thing: overuse (or call it “abuse”) of anything—be it drugs, alcohol, food, or your credit card—can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Over the past few years, the explosion of smartphones and social networks has made us accessible anytime, anywhere, to anyone. While this may be positive in many ways, the downside is very real.

While the study cited is anecdotal at best, Time released this article a few months ago about a correlation between excessive Twitter use and high levels of infidelity or divorce. Not surprisingly, the behavior that fuels one to openly and constantly share (or overshare!) information generally reserved for a trusted partner or friend is the same behavior that would likely lead someone to search for validation elsewhere.

Smartphones and social media allow these latent behaviors to come barreling to the forefront much faster.

So, where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you the jerk pulling out your phone during a date with an intelligent woman because you lack attention span? Or perhaps you’re the gal who takes selfies 15 times a day—especially when you’re feeling down—then constantly checks Instagram to see how many “hearts” you’ve gotten.

If you’re looking to “slow your roll” and get your life somewhat back to normal, here are seven tips for curbing your smartphone addiction. I’ll bet if you take these to heart, society at large will benefit. And your friends and family will be grateful, too.

1. When waiting at a crosswalk or crossing the street, keep your hands in your pockets. If you don’t have pockets, clasp your hands behind your back, like you’re wearing invisible handcuffs.

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How to Decrease Your Jackass Quotient By 51.8%

The most inspiring leaders and successful professionals I know all have one thing in common: they aren’t jackasses.

He always goes too farWhat is a jackass, you ask?

They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, which make them hard to pinpoint; but ultimately “jackass syndrome” can affect even the most brilliant minds and busy business people, leaving those who are forced to interact with them feeling confused, frustrated, and often angry.

This is not a good thing for a company or long term working relationship.

All things considered, how do you ensure you aren’t being seen as a jackass (“JkA”) to those you’re leading or currently working with – be it customer, co-worker, or client?

Below are some tips for reducing your jackass quotient by at least 51.8%:

1. Don’t be continually late to meetings or important calls. Sure 5 to 10 minutes might be ok, but beyond that you look like a complete JkA. A secondary, related offense is keeping meetings long with no real agenda as you blather on about this that and the other thing. That is not productive; it’s counter productive and just gross.  

JkA reduction potential: 8.2%

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The Most Useless Blog Post There Ever Was

While everyone else is off drinking beer and eating hot dogs, overachieving startups like us are busy working. Well…working and culling together useless pieces of information for your entertainment.

Why are we doing this, you might ask?

It could be because we’re a self-proclaimed bunch of weirdos. Or it could be because no one gives a rat’s ass about anything anyone says for the rest of this week (helloooooooo, I have much more important things to think about, like sparklers and BBQ).

But really, it’s to amuse ourselves while we fantasize about an extra day off. Especially our Chief Architect, Patrick, who is wearing the same clothes today as he was wearing yesterday – much to our surprise this morning – because he was here all night. Working. And probably thinking about fireworks.

Without further ado, we bring you 4 things you really didn’t need to know, but now you do know.

1.  When you yawn and stretch at the time, you are “pandiculating.”

Yawn Stretch

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