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4-Part Guide for Interview Preparation in a Pinch

You’ve reviewed the 7 Signs You’re Ready for PR and landed an interview with star business reporter after chatting them up at a networking event. Giggles dispersed, you now come to terms with the part that makes you panic: They want to interview you tomorrow!

You choose to

1. Feign illness (complete with faux coughing) while making the call to cancel.

2. Politely ask if the reporter would mind rescheduling (Until you’ve had enough time to build key messaging, prepare talking points, and buy the perfect interview outfit)

3. Accept with enthusiasm, kick it into overdrive, and nail down some strategic talking points stat. You’ll dedicate some extra time to building messaging after the interview so you’re more prepared the next time you hook one.

If you chose A or B, shame on you! When opportunity knocks, it’s in your best interest to answer the door. It’s fine to agree upon a different date and time than the one a reporter first proposes, but this should be due to scheduling conflicts, not your want for a generous amount of prep time.

If you chose C, great job! You have enough time to pull together talking points, and transform into the star spokesperson we know you can be.

The following 4-part guide is packed with ideas and tips for interview preparation when your time is limited. You’ll just need a trusted colleague who understands your messaging objectives and business goals and a few free hours to hash out a plan. Reserve a conference room and have at it!

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When in doubt, say it with a GIF

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I say:

hell yeah

In a world where lengthy emails reign supreme, it behooves us all to recognize just how much a single image can convey. If storytelling is at the core of PR, than the ability to tell an entire bite-sized story in a few seconds is pure potency.

My favored type of visual content bridges the best of photo and video: it’s the GIF. Here are a few reasons why I’m gaga for GIFs and why we could all benefit from integrating them into our communication strategies:

  • Visual content is easier and faster to process
  • There are endless options to express yo’self
  • Does a better job of communicating a point than any acronym (LOL)
  • Keeps emails short, succinct and entertaining

Let’s shake up the monotony of text-only responses and inject some always-appreciated humor into our business relationships.

Below are the Top 10 GIFs for your clients and colleagues when there just.are.no.words.

NOTE: Not all of these are meant for public circulation. Some are merely an affirmation that you’re NOT losing your mind. 😉

1. When your super smart, hilarious client or colleague one ups you during an email exchange:

bear clap gif

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5 tips for optimizing your outsourced PR

Greetings, folks!

Since Sharam (our CEO) and Rebekah (our CSO) are off trotting around NYC doing rad stuff like presenting to the National Venture Capital Association at the New York Stock Exchange and molding the future minds of PR at New York University, I decided to hijack the blog this week.

As a PR Engineer, one of my primary responsibilities is to look at our internal data and apply it to make better decisions around how and where we tell our story. Since great storytelling is at the heart of any PR person worth their salt, I’ve decided to let you in on 5 key takeaways I’ve deduced from our own Marketplace that will help you make the most of your PR efforts.

So, you’ve submitted your project, vetted the candidates and found the perfect PR pro to help make all your dreams come true.

Now what?

To ensure you have the best experience possible and extract the most value from your newly minted partnership, here are 5 tips for optimizing your outsourced PR.

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What Beyonce and Lady Gaga have taught us about public relations

*Full Disclosure: This blog may or may not have been written while bumping Beyoncé’s new album from start to finish.

Last Friday reigning pop queen Beyoncé dropped her newest album on the world sans fanfare. Conventional music marketing wisdom would indicate an album release without a marketing campaign is superstar suicide:

No anticipation = No sales.

Oh, how we love seeing industries turned on their heads.

Queen Bey crushed all preconceived notions by selling over 800,000 copies in three days. Her massive success and novel approach got us thinking about her choice in marketing tactics (or lack thereof).

More pointedly: Is doing no PR sometimes the best kind of public relations? Just “B” the thing you are, if it’s good…people will come. Is shunning traditional marketing tactics in lieu of less trodden paths actually the more clever strategy?

Case and point: Lady Gaga released her album ARTPOP on November 6, 2013, preceded by a slew of the usual Gaga-eque public relations stunts and promotional fanfare. But her album kinda flopped – or at least didn’t hold a candle to BeyBey.

This week, I enlisted AirPR’s newest team member and PR Engineer, Leta Soza, to articulate and visualize the Top 5 lessons companies can learn from two of the world’s leading pop queens…and how their decisions contributed to their overall success…or failure.




Instead of launching a campaign stacked with public appearances and media hits, Mrs. Carter went straight to the people. She sought to minimize the space between the fans and the music by cutting out all the middlemen.

Don’t let someone else cultivate your relationships. Speak directly to your customers. You control your message and the minute you give that power to someone else, you lose the ability to drive the conversation.


With 17 tracks and 14 music videos, content creation was the top priority and provided ample opportunity for fans to gawk, geek out and gush. I mean, who doesn’t love watching B. shake her groove thang?

If you know what your customers want and love, use it to inspire consumable content. The more you give, the more you get.


Breaking with tradition, Beyoncé dropped her entire album in one fell swoop AND made sure it didn’t have an obvious hit single.

Placing all your proverbial eggs in one basket is dangerous. If you can’t deliver quality across the board, people will stop paying attention. Continue reading…